What wall color goes well with white furniture? by @FurnishMyWay

Answer by Heather Robins:

Good for you for being brave enough to have white furniture! I could never do that. However, by having white furniture, you’ve left yourself open to just about any color palette!

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Painting your walls white or grey can be a great option for a contemporary bedroom. Personally, of the two I would go with a grey. I like a little bit of color and contrast in my home. Here are some examples of grey walls:

However, white could be great, too. If you paint your walls white, your furnishings and decor become much more important and visible. These items become the focus of your room, since the walls are now just a backdrop. If you’ve got great furniture or other features, then by all means go with white walls!

As beautiful as the grey or white walls are, they’re not the only colors that can be considered contemporary! Muted blues are a great way to add color to your room while keeping the contemporary style.

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