What is the most durable house that we can build with current technology? via Quora

Answer by Joey Durham:

Ever heard of the Pensmore Mansion? [1]

Built (or was being built) by this guy: Steven T. Huff.

Regardless of whether he is an astrophysicist [2], an engineer [3](I have seen both reported), or an ex-CIA man of mystery, this man knows his concrete.

As the chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems, he employed the use of a micro-helix steel filament called Helix [4] (go figure) to build this huge mega-mansion in the Ozark Mountains, somewhere near Highlandville, Missouri. Yes, the place really is called Highlandville.

The concrete material can allegedly withstand anything mother nature has to throw at it: tornadoes, hurricane, earthquakes, fires, explosions, locust infestation, you get the idea…

Using this micro-helix filament as an integral part of the concrete mix, Mr. Huff claims the house would be standing for 2000 yrs. However, earlier this year the construction hit a snag when the concrete materials were, reportedly, not being mixed with the intended materials as desired. Long story short, he now wants the house to be torn down and rebuilt…

But I digress, the Pensmore Estate proves to be a prime example of how combining both new and existing construction technology yields sustainable structures that will be around for many years to come.


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What is the most durable house that we can build with current technology?