What are some tips to decorate my master bedroom? by Julie Kircher


Decorating a master bedroom can be fun and exciting. There are a few key things you should look at before starting, so you have can easily decorate your space with little problems.

The first thing you have to do is know your budget. Take the time to figure out what you can send on this room, then get into what you need. It doesn’t help to have all these great things you want for your space f you have no idea if you can afford them.

Then, figure out your style. Do you like a more minimalist style? Eclectic? Or are you a more rustic/country type of person? Are you not sure? Well, now is the time to figure out what you like. Take a litle time to sit and look through magazines, home decor sites, and blogs. Find pictures you like, furniture that calls to you, colors that are awesome. Make a collection. Pinterest is a great place for this. You can pin pictures to boards you create, from any site, or find pins on Pinterest itself. Blogs like ours and Houzz would be great places to start. Don’t stress over ths part. Take an hour or two for a few days and just skim. Find things you immediately like. Collect the images. Then, take a break. After a few days, go back to those images. See what still sticks out for you. If you honeslty love it, you should put in it the room.

Have a Good Bed.

A nice bed in important, as is nice bedding. Don’t cheap out on either, but that doesn’t mean you need several hundred dollar silk sheets. There are inbetweens. Find something comfy, in your color scheme, that fits with your decor and is in your budget.

Cool Wall Art.

It’s a must for me. I love good art in the bedroom. You can easily make abstract art yourself with minimal effort, or if you have friend who paint, that’s even better! Support local artists! If you aren’t into art, any type of wall decor, like photos, shadow boxes, posters, or shelving will make your space feel much more extravagent.

A Good Headboard.

Another great thing to have in the bedroom. You can use wood, metal, fabric, tapestries, or even art or chalkboard as a headboard. Headboards are a great way to take your bedroom from meh to wow in seconds. There are tons of headboards to choose from, or even make yourself. If you need more storage, you can pick a headboard that gives shelving too. The possibilities are endless.

After you have all of these items, you can further expand by adding pieces that fit with the decor style you chose, and help create a space that is all you and ultra stylish.

I hope these ideas help you great the best master bedroom you can! If you would like more ideas, check out these blogs:

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What are the tips to decorate master bedroom?