“What are some unusual features that would be great to add to a new home under construction?” originally appeared on Quora the knowledge sharing network

by Greg Kostello:

Some suggestions if you are interested in sustainability or just looking to save some money …

– Solar panels can be integrated into your design now so they aren’t an afterthought. Also, you can take a tax credit for the next two years so might as well do it now.

Gorgeous, Green & Airy Yin-Yang House in Venice

– Tankless electric water heater especially if you add solar.

– If you are putting solar on your house, you will have lots of cheap energy so see if you have room for a glass refrigerator. It’s one of those luxury items I wish I had. A second freezer also helps if you have a big family or just like to get deals at Costco.

– Make sure you have good wiring in your garage that can handle high amps if you’re interested in ever buying a Tesla or other EV.

– Not sure if you are affected by drought but I wish I had put in a greywater system in my house. When you are building your house you are probably thinking about landscaping too. A drip system/gray water is a great way to have a lush garden while minimizing your costs.

– If you have a dog or do a lot of outdoor activities, think about an outdoor wash with a platform waist high to easily clean your pooch. Also, works on dirty children when they get extra muddy. You will want both hot and cold.

– Again, if you have a dog or are thinking about a dog, have an energy efficient (dual door) dog door installed. It will save you a lot of money and increase the comfort level in your house if you do. The single pane doors can make the whole house drafty.

– Put high quality, dimmable LED lights in all your fixtures. Buy in bulk to get extra deals. Unless you are in your house for over 20 years, you will never have to replace the bulbs and they give off (IMHO) a warmer light than CFLs. If you have a new home with a lot of lights, especially in high places, replacing conventional and CFL is a pain.

Enjoy your new home!

What are some unusual features that would be great to add to a new home under construction?