What are some tips for setting up a home office? by Makemycasa

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10 Important Design Tips For Home Office

It is very essential to make your home office an efficient and productive place. In fact, the design of a home office differs from a commercial office. You need to keep a few things in mind before you get started. You have to be certain about a few things: What type of work will be done? Will you store any materials? What type of equipment will be required? Will clients visit your home office?

So, here’s some important tips to get going.

1) You have to be very disciplined if you decide to work from home. The first thing you need is a proper office space that can be within your home or maybe a part of it. Working from home offers comfort but the office setting cannot be too casual; it should have a proper work environment.

2) There should be a distinctive physical boundary of your home office space. This can be done with the help of the design of the space or through decorative partitions and divisions.

3) You do not need a very large space. What you should consider is that this space should be separate from other areas of your home. You can convert the guest room or the study room or any room that has a separate entrance or is near the main entrance of your home.

4) Your home office should reflect your personality, which means that your office should contain your favorite objects, photos, equipment, furniture, as well as your favorite colors on the walls. These small touches will help you make your home office unique and different from the others. These small things will positively influence your productivity.

5) Choose the colors of your office carefully as they have psychological impact. While some colors can elicit emotional and physical reactions, others can have impact on your mood and energy levels. If you want to go for cool colors, then you can go for white, cream, blues, greens and violets. These light colors evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. But if you want to play with bright colors, then you can even go for yellows and reds, which are energetic colors.

6) Lighting plays an important role on productivity. If your home office gets natural daylight, nothing like it. That means you should choose a space with a window that will enhance the lighting. In case there is less natural light, then too no worries. Today, there are several types of energy-saving and human-centric LED light bulbs. Many LED lighting fixtures have dimmer switches that can help you control the amount of light. For human comfort, yellow light is good as it is the color of brightness.

7) Try to set your desk in front of a window for a good view. Keep a bookcase at a corner, and make the furniture in sync with other furniture. Do have some overhead storage cabinets, as overhead cabinets can save space on the ground.

8) You would spend hours sitting at one place in your office. So invest on a comfortable chair that will give good back support, besides being comfortable.

9) You can keep some of your favorite accessories on your work desk. For example, you can have a pretty mug as a pencil holder, some trendy sticky notes and notepads, and a special photo. Don’t forget to keep a wastepaper basket, and a bulletin board that can be wrapped in a colorful fabric.

10) Try to hide the cords, so make sure that your equipment is close to the outlets and easy to access when unplugged. You can also put the cords through a hole in the desk and hide them underneath.


What are some tips for setting up a home office?