“How can I decorate my room so I can wake up with a smile every morning?” originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Julie Kircher, Content Curator at FurnishMyWay.

There are several ways you can make your room happy and wake up with a smile every morning. You’ll need to make your space fun for you, and have cool items in it that you enjoy. Here are some ideas you can use or adapt to make your room happy and fun!

Paint the walls a color you love.

If you have the ability to do this, kudos to you! This would be one of the first things I would do if I could. Find a fun color you love, and either paint the whole room, or just an accent wall. You don’t have to pick just one color either. You can paint a design! You gotta see these watercolor walls!

I can’t get over the gorgeous face on this wall. I mean, you don’t have to do a face, but any image would work. You could do one of your favorite designs, a video game logo, or even the logo of a superhero if you’re into that! It’s all about having fun and putting something you love on the walls to make you smile when you see it.

Add DIY art that you created.

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at things I have made. I’m not really an artist myself, but I am pretty crafty. When I see some of my work that’s around my apartment, such as a blanket I crocheted, or a quilt I sewed a few years ago, it makes me smile. So, think about what types of crafts or art you are even slightly decent at, and make something for your place. There are some great tutorials online for DIY abstract paintings, and the cool thing about abstract art is that there’s no way to make it “wrong”!

Add a chandelier!

It doesn’t get much more fun and fancy free than adding a chandelier. You don’t have to go super ornate if you don’t want, and you can find them for fairly cheap in a variety of colors. Plus, if you are really into DIYs, you can even make your own! That would defintely be fun, unique, and would make me happy!

Add in some beautiful plants.

There are many plants that are great for indoors! I don’t know about you, but plants make me happy, plus they clean the air and can be so beautiful. You can find plants like this peace lily here that are just beautiful, or you can make a succulent garden like these, or even add in trees. Yes, you can grow fruit trees indoors. How awesome is that?

Plus, this vertical succulent garden here is absolutely adorable and can be hung on the wall. How stinking cute is this?

Find a cute or interesting lamp.

I can’t help but smile when I see this cute cloud lamp. I really love a good light fixture, and if it’s cute, all the better! There are tons of lamps out there for any type or style, decor ant taste. I mean, you can find some pretty crazy lamps. Check this one out!

It’s just hilarious. I can’t get over the fake grass and the little alien faces. It’s too great.

I hope these ideas inspire you to find what will make you happy. If you would like more examples or ideas, check out these blog posts here!

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