Properly Prepare Your Home for an Open House

by Jennifer B.

When you put your home on the market, it’s important to do everything you can to make it sell as quickly as possible. Many real estate agents want to hold an open house in their new listings as soon as possible so that potential buyers can come and see the house in a leisurely fashion. Learn how to properly prepare your home for an open house with the guide that follows.

Have the Home Thoroughly Cleaned

When people walk through a home during an open house, they will look at every nook and cranny of it. They will imagine living in the house and what it will take to maintain it may be of concern to them. If your house is not overly clean, it could make potential buyers assume that you have not properly maintained the house. It’s best to hire a professional cleaning crew to come to your house to do a thorough cleaning. They can remove cobwebs, scrub the bathrooms, and ensure that every square inch of the house looks as neat and tidy as it possibly can.
Manicure the Exterior of the Home
The first thing that people see when they come to your home is the lawn and the exterior of your house. If the exterior of your house does not make a good first impression, you could miss out on a lot of potential buyers. It’s best to have the exterior of the house pressure washed before the open house. Pressure washing can make the exterior look brand new. You may also want to hire a landscaper to manicure your lawn for you. They can trim tree limbs, repair damage in your yard, and even create beautiful flower beds in front of your house to add curb appeal.

Declutter Every Room in Your House

When you are selling a home, you want to make it look as big as you possibly can. If you have oversized furniture in a room or numerous items in a space, it can make the area seem smaller than it really is. You may need to put some items in storage until the house sells so that it does not look cramped or cluttered. There are often numerous items in the house that you do not use on a regular basis that can be removed from the house on a temporary basis.

Make the House Smell Great

When people walk into your house, you want to be sure that they smell something great. If you use plug-in devices that release scent over time, it can fill your home with a chemical, fake smell. It’s best to bake cookies in the oven right before the open house is set to begin. This provides your real estate agent with snacks they can offer to people who tour your home and makes your house smell great at the same time.
When the open house takes place, it’s best for you to leave the home. People who tour the house need to be able to speak openly with the real estate agent about the things they like and dislike about the house. If you are present, people may not be as open to sharing their honest opinions. Knowing how people feel about your house can help you to know what changes you need to do to better the chances of the house selling quickly.