Interior Design: What are the coolest bed covers/duvets? by Annie Wang

Answer by Annie Wang:

Thanks for the A2A, Marc. I'm afraid "cool" to me may have a very different meaning than to others! Hopefully this is helpful to someone anyway. I'm a big fan of classic duvets… I think of bed linens as something you sort of spring for and then keep for years and years. You don't have to spend a lot of money (or hell, just get the Frette linens and impress all the girls you bring home). Most people just need something that's 100% cotton, with a relatively high thread-count. You don't need anything sky-high… just around 300 really would be fine. Spending $100-200 for a full-sized duvet cover is not unreasonable, since you should have it for a long time and it needs to be of a high enough quality to launder frequently.

For a man's room, I really like a base of white sheets with gray or navy laid on top, either was a blanket over a white duvet, or as a duvet. In the image below, the sheets are pretty classic, and the duvet cover matches. A blue blanket has been folded over the bed, which really makes a big difference.

Here is a very similar set of bordered linens from Pottery Barn (they're on sale, too!). You can get the whole sheet set and the duvet cover for your down comforter: Grand Embroidered 280-Thread-Count Duvet Cover & Shams

And very similar bordered linens without the blanket… you can see how a blanket in a neutral, more masculine color makes a big difference:

You cannot ever go wrong with all white… this would be my first choice for myself and for anyone else, especially if really pricey linens are not an option. Simple, clean, restful. It doesn't matter what kind of bed you have, or what the rest of your bedroom decor is like. You simply can't go wrong with a white duvet. It's easy to throw into the laundry machine with a cup full of bleach, too.

If all white is too boring, mixing in some cream works well:

I also really like tones of gray for a man's room. It's hard to tell because of the lighting in this photo, but the duvet cover looks either white or a dove grey… you could go darker, too, like the tone of the blanket folded on top.

Okay, enough photos of strangers' bedrooms… now for the shopping part. Here are some duvet covers for sale that I think are pretty good.

This textured duvet from West Elm ($139 for a full sized one, so very reasonable). I don't really like printed duvets, because I think they can too easily look cheap… this one is not printed, but it serves the same purpose of adding pattern. It's textured, so it gives a nice small dose of pattern, but isn't too distracting. Organic Braided Matelasse Duvet Cover + Shams

This duvet cover in a nice warm, light taupe is very nice. It's from Crate & Barrel. Frangia Bed Linens

I actually can't stand Restoration Hardware, but I admit their linens look nice and seem to be of decent quality. This Belgian linen duvet cover looks quite pristine and smooth in the photo, but will develop lots of wrinkles from the moment you sleep beneath it — as it should. It's just a wonderful relaxed look — the opposite of a crisply made bed. Vintage-Washed Belgian Linen Duvet Cover

I don't know if I've swayed the original poster of this question from "cool" to "classic," but I hope I made a good argument in favor of the latter! If you really want a patterned duvet, I like the idea of stripes. This duvet cover from DwellStudio feels very fresh and summery and fun to me. DwellStudio Home Draper Stripe Ash Duvet Cover Set

Interior Design: What are the coolest bed covers/duvets?