Infrastructure: What are the most beautiful bridges ever built? by @vortse

Answer by Achilleas Vortselas:

No modern bridge can compare in grace with the traditional stone arch bridges that our forefathers built. Such bridges can be found all around Europe. Here is Kokkorou Bridge in the Vikos Gorge, Epirus, Greece.

(image source: Ομίχλη στο γεφύρι του Νούτσου ή Κόκκορου. )

One of the most famous and symbolic such bridges (although not the most beautiful) is Mostar Bridge, which connected the two banks of the Neretva river in Bosnia, from the 16th century until it was destroyed in 1993, during the civil war (rebuilt in 2008).

(image source: Information about Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina )

Stone bridges very often demonstrate the tenacity of mankind to overcome physical obstacles, even with modest technical means. Shaharah Bridge, in Yemen is a marvellous case of that.

(image source: Die Brücke von Shahara but also see it here)

Stone arch bridges have the advantage of playing well with their own reflections on still water. Like the Liija Bridge, in China, creates a perfect circle:

(image source:… )

Edit, 21/6/2013: I have to add this:
Rakotz Bridge in Kromlauer Park, Kromlau, Germany. The basalt-stone bridge was built in 1860. It is hard to believe this was built for anything else than the beauty of the scenery.

Photograph by INGO TEICH / Panoramio – Photo of E3151991_HDR-Bearbeitet_lr_picasa

Infrastructure: What are the most beautiful bridges ever built?