How would you start decorating an empty room if you can’t afford to do it all at once? by Julie Kircher


This is a wonderful question. Those of us that are on a budget sometimes have trouble with this exact thing. Should we buy the big pieces of furniture first, or set the tone of the space? Well, in my opinion, I think you should do a little of both!

It’s important and good for your budget to buy the big pieces first. You can figure out exactly what you need, save up, and have the big furniture pieces in the room as soon as possible. However, it is my opinion that after buying a piece or two of the important big pieces (like if the room needs a bed), and you can start putting things up and away, I would add in a little bit of decor. I would do my best to have inexpensive art pieces, DIY ones are great for this, so you are still saving a lot of money for the next big piece, but you are creating the atmosphere of the room that you want. I would also paint the room first, if you are wanting to paint the space. While it’s being painted and drying, you can save up and explore options on what pieces to buy, what art and decor to add in, and everything else you would need. Also, anything you can upcycle is going to save you money!

I also have to add that it’s only a few months until Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if there are big pieces you need, and you know they’ll be going on sale then, wait and purchase when they are cheaper. That’ll give you more money to spend on other pieces for the room, or decor you can add in. Also check flea markets, thrift shops, and secondhand stores and fairs.

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How would you start decorating an empty room if you can’t afford to do it all at once?