by Heather Robins:

Not going to lie, I just got really excited when I saw this question! Pop Art and Disney Villains?! That sounds amazing!!

Pop Art uses a lot of black and white with pops of color. This is perfect for Disney Villains because most of them live in a lot of black with one pop of color. Frequently, this pop of color is a secondary color, such a purple or green. That being said, you should choose a color scheme based on this. Painting your walls a dark color, such as black, gray, or deep purple would be a great start. If you can’t paint, white walls will work, too! I mean, just look at Regina’s office from Once Upon a Time (below) – it’s all black and white. Her pop of color? Those famous red apples.

Furniture is very important. Your bedding (if you’re decorating a bedroom) and other textiles should be fit for a villain. Many of these villains fancy themselves kings and queens (or gods), so your furniture should show the proper amount of luxury. An easy way to do this is with tufted furniture like the one shown below. Plus, the wallpaper behind is actually Disney Villain wallpaper – how cool, right?

Don’t worry, your wooden furniture can get in on the game, too! I love the purple accents in this dresser. Definitely perfect for a Disney Villain.

Obviously, artwork will be a key factor in your room design. While you’re obviously allowed to have other Pop Art in your room, having Disney Villain Pop Art would be that much better. Here are a few of my favorites:

Honestly, how could you not enjoy some of that artwork?! I want some now!

Don’t forget that every room needs some accent pieces! If you’re interested in collectibles, definitely check out Funko Pops! They’re probably some of my favorite things and will surely fit in with your Pop Art theme. Plus, how precious are those villains?!

If a bowl of apples are good enough for Regina, they’re good enough for your room, too! Though, I don’t suggest using real apples. This sparkly one will work nicely.

Halloween is a great time to be on the lookout for Villain-inspired decor – it’s everywhere! I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for your room. I’d really love to see it when you’re finished!

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