How do I decorate my room to have more space, but at the same time be cute? by @FurnishMyWay

Answer by Heather Robins:

I’ve struggled with this issue in most bedrooms I’ve lived in. There’s just so much furniture that you need, but never enough space! One thing I learned to do was to put things in my closet. If you’ve got a big enough closet (and enough floor space), try moving your bookshelf or chest into your closet. It may seem like a silly suggestion, but it works! Most of the time you only have hanging clothes in your closet, so you’re wasting valuable floor space by not putting something there! Once in your closet, your bookshelf or chest will still be accessible, but out of the way. Currently, I’m lucky to have a long enough closet that I could fit my long dresser in it! Moving it into my closet opened up so much space in my room! Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I don’t have a photo of my closet, but it looks a little something like this:

If you move the chest into the closet, you can always get rid of the bookcase completely and replace it with wall shelves. Personally, I love floating shelves. They’re super stylish and functional. One of the perks? You can hang as many (or as few) shelves as you need!

If you don’t have a headboard yet, you can also add some storage and style above your bed with a pegboard headboard! If you add some trim and color, it can be super stylish and functional for a small room.

I’m not sure if you want to keep the furniture in their current pink form, but if you do, I would suggest painting your walls. Pink and yellow can work together, but I’m having a hard time imagining them also looking stylish with a dark brown bed. I would suggest painting the walls a rich grey color.

For curtains, I would either go with a white sheer (like the images above), or a coordinating pink (below).

I hope all these ideas help! I’m not sure which colors you’d like to keep in your room or if you’re even in a situation in which you’re allowed to paint. Let me know if you need any different color scheme ideas!

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How do I decorate my room to have more space, but at the same time be cute?