How can I decorate my room to make me study better? Originally appeared on Quora.

by Julie Kircher:


The key to a good study area is to have the right setup for you. The colors should be relaxing yet stimulating, and the area should be neat and tidy. Here are some things you can do.

Choose a stimulating color that is also soothing to you. Colors like oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and even deep greys are perfect for offices and studying because they are stimulating colors that are known to help people stay focused. I suggest you take a look at colors like these and either paint the walls, if you can, or incorporate those colors into your decor. Use these colors as a guide, and find one that you like. Try not to go with colors that are blindingly bright, or too muted and dark, unless that works for you!

Having a tidy, organized desk is also key. This makes a certain area in your room only for studying, which will help you stay focused in the long run. Organize the area in the way that works for you. If you prefer more minimalist, with just some storage containers for pens, pencils, and your papers, you can do that. Or, if you like lots of areas to place everything, you can have more storage places. Also add in art or plants that help you relax and stay focused. There are many plants that are hardy, low light, and help clean the air so your mind s kept sharp. You can even create a mood board if that helps you focus! Check out this blog here to see how a mood board can help you.

Also, to help you stay focused, you should probably tuck away that cell phone. It’s tempting to check it when you are bored, and then you lose focus. I put mine on Do Not Disturb and place it in the back of a drawer in my desk. I also set a timer on it for about half an hour or so, so I can take a few minute break every half hour. That helps me focus, and gives a little incentive! You can also use websites like KeepMeOut or Chrome apps like StayFocusd so you can block yourself from visiting sites like Twitter, FaceBook, or even Quora while you are supposed to be studying.

I hope these ideas help you create the best study room ever!

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How can I decorate my room to make me study better?