What is a Dweller Partner Agent?

Simply, a Dweller Partner Agent is a licensed real estate professional who is interested in having their listed property for sale supported by the extensive sales and marketing platforms available via Dweller Inc. in order to reach the highest targeted audience of home buyers and sellers in the world.


How does the Dweller Partner Agent Program work?

A prospective Dweller Partner Agent submits their home-for-sale listing to Dweller where an Account Executive will begin the home review process. Should the property qualify an Account Executive will send the prospective Partner Agent a starter kit with all the necessary information and documentation to begin the partnership process.

Partnering with Dweller can be viewed as an essential, additional marketing tool for you, the real estate agent or broker. This means you make no changes in your business. You may keep your license with your current broker. Dweller works on generating buyer leads with you and markets your property to the widest possible home audience in the world. Dweller procures buyer leads by giving you added, extensive, and across-the-board, members-only access to our platforms. Buyer leads are given directly to you, the listing agent, effectively doubling your earned commissions.

In exchange for providing you with a successful buyer lead, Dweller receives a 15% referral commission from you upon the successful sale and close of escrow of your listing. This referral commission is paid only upon your successful sale to a buyer that was procured by Dweller. Otherwise, your partnership with Dweller is risk-free, with zero up-front cost to you.


How to submit your Home Listing?

In order to submit your home listing please click the link below and provide the property information.