How can I choose the colors in my new home? by Julie Kircher

Choosing the colors for yout new home can be fun and exciting! The first thing you want to think about is what type of decor you will be having. Modern, rustic, eclectic, or something different. Whatever you choose, it’ll help you pick out colors for your home.

Then, you’ll want to go room by room, and fgure out what type of astmosphere you want. I’ll go over some paint colors for walls here, but this can even be translated into the color of the decor you add to your space.


Blues and deep greens are relaxing, soothing colors that have been known to help people drift off to sleep. When picking colors for your bedroom decor, whether it be paint, the colors of the bedding, or even just other decor items you add in, make sure those colors are soothing to your eyes. That way, you get the best sleep you possibly can.


You want colors in your kitchen that will be happy, friendly, and stimulate your appetite. Because, of course you want a color that makes you want to eat all the yummy food you just made! Bold colors like yellow, orange, and green are great, as well as red!

Living Room:

You want your living room to envoke comfort, and stimulate conversation as well as relaxation. Earth tones are best for this, such as rusts, browns, oranges, and greens. Yellow is also a wonderful color to add, since it is a fun, happy color!


Bathrooms are perfect for soothing colors that won’t make you sleepy. Brighter shades of relaxing colors like teal, seaglass, blues, and purples are great choices. You can even go with a deep yet bright royal blue to create a more masculine space, and it’s great for more rustic and country style decor as well!


Office colors can go one of two directions. You can go with stimulating bright colors like yellow, orange, and red to help boost your productivity. Or, you can go with sage or olive greens and dark greys, since these colors are known to help you focus on the task at hand. That’s all going to depend on which type of space you need your office to reflect.

I hope these ideas help you choose the decor colors for your new home! If all else, I hope they inspire you to try out some fun, new colors!

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How can I choose the colors in my new home?